Hi, I am Melanie. A Dutch woman living in the Netherlands. Founder of KIMODESTY.
A brand I started for the modest fashion woman.


I converted to islam in 2015. One year later I decided to wear the hijab. It didn’t feel right to me not to cover myself. Modesty became a big part of my life. I still wanted to look fashionable but also wanted to be covered. Modest fashion is not only for muslim women. But still, it is really hard to find the right clothes for a woman who is wearing a hijab or who wants to be fully covered in fashionable clothing.

This is why I started KIMODESTY. I fell in love with abaya’s and kimono’s and wanted to design my own. I wanted to create a brand that produces modest fashion and is still afordable for the daily basis. For the hijabis I am also trying to design ‘modest under-clothing’ which is the base of a good and modest outfit.

Modesty is when a women has everything to flaunt, but chooses not to show it. Her highest elegance!